Peter Chordas is a freelance writer and web designer in Portland, Oegon

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I tell stories, and these are my tools.
Peter Chordas

Hello, and thanks for stopping by.

I’m Peter Chordas, a freelance writer, photographer, and web designer based in Hiroshima, Japan. I’ve been in the game since 2014.

You can see my writing and photography online and in print at the Japan Times, Setouchi Reflection Trip, Setouchi Finder, Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guide, Make a Living Writing, and beyond. Check out my site designs in my portfolio or on the web.


No matter what I write, my goal is always the same. To tell the story as accurately, eloquently, and powerfully as possible. My experience as a professional writer and editor enables me to deliver clean, concise, and effective prose regardless of the client or publication.

When I moved to Hiroshima in 2016, I wanted to somehow contribute to this remarkable place, even if only in a small way. So I write about Hiroshima’s rich history whenever I can, and jump at every opportunity to promote the city. My research has led to feature articles in national publications, and invitations to speak at venues like Hiroshima University, the Japan America Society, and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

Beyond that, my work includes travel writing, music articles, copywriting, case studies, advertorials, and content marketing.

I’ve written front page features, sales pages, canvass raps, product reviews, video scripts, and more. And my clients have included national newspapers, top-tier travel guides, businesses, non-profits, independent artists, and community groups. I’ve edited books, articles, newsletters, and web pages, and have translated A-bomb testimonies from Japanese into English.

I view the written word as both an art and a science, and strive every day to strengthen my grasp on both sides of that ever tumbling coin.


Hiroshima's A-bomb Dome at Sunset
Exposure Blend of Hiroshima’s A-bomb Dome

I’m an experienced photo and video cameraman with advanced Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve editing skills.

I’ve shot everything from action and events to portraits and landscapes. I’ve photographed chefs cooking in low light and tight quarters, punk bands tearing up stages with flashing lights, dimly lit museum interiors, dazzling valleys, and stunning works of fine art.

Exposure blending, luminosity masking, and advanced photo retouching all play a part in my work as required. I use professional gear and get professional results.

Hundreds of my photos have appeared on the web and in print. And a multi-exposure landscape I took of the A-bomb Dome here in Hiroshima landed as a full-page spread on the cover of the Sunday edition of the Japan Times.


The Question of War Website
A website I built in 2020

With web design, I strive to make beautiful, user-friendly sites with a content strategy that matches your vision.

I primarily work in WordPress, though I can build traditional sites as well. WordPress Multisite, multilingual designs, shopping carts, event calendars — if you want it, I can make it.

Most of my sites involve independent WordPress installations on VPS servers. That way, there’s no limit to what we can create, and minimal annual overhead. All my sites are speed optimized, SEO compliant, secure, and responsive.

As for content, I can write home pages, about pages, product descriptions, bios, and more. Or edit any text you have on hand.


I earned a B.S. in Arts and Letters at Portland State University and studied Visual Game Programming at the Art Institute of Portland. After graduation, I led a team of professional NPO fundraisers for four years, and I honed my ability to write and deliver passionate sales pitches. I’ve been working as a successful freelancer since 2014.

I give priority to issues of peace, justice, and the environment, and strive to raise public awareness through my work.

If you have questions or a project you’d like me to work on, get in touch.

Until then…

Peace from Hiroshima,
—Peter Chordas