About Peter Chordas

Peter Chordas

I know what you’re thinking.

“Aren’t writing and web design super different skills? Can one person really be good at both?”

Great question.

But you know that whole left-brain/right-brain paradox?

It’s a myth.

In fact, I have found that artistic expression and scientific knowledge are as air and fuel to the fire of inspiration. Without air, the flame weakens and dies, while a dearth of fuel leaves no purchase from which the flame can rise.

Perhaps it’s an unusual dichotomy, but I walk that line.


Even at a young age I was always writing stories and reading books. Better still, I had the extreme fortune of being raised by a Professor of Renaissance Literature. As a result, I was steeped in the classics early on, and given constant instruction in grammar and writing. Though I took many classes in literature and writing throughout my scholastic studies, I attribute the bulk of my skill and passion for writing to my mother.

After college I began working with nonprofit organizations. Though I started in a simple fundraising role, I quickly found that my ability with words had a high value for the organizations I represented. Before long I was creating public documents that illustrated the future goals and past successes of the organizations.

Most importantly, I discovered that my words could empower others to make change in the world. It was this discovery that led me to take on work as a freelancer, specializing in writing for businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs.

Web Design

SakuraAs for websites, I gained most of my web programming and design skills at the Art Institute of Portland. To be fair, I had already been dabbling with websites and computer programming before attending AiPD. Admittedly, I showed somewhat of a natural knack for those disciplines, however through my studies I was able to hone my ability immeasurably.

And you know, websites are a funny thing—once you know a little about them, there’s a million opportunities to make them.

After throwing a few quick sites together for friends’ bands and seeing what an online presence can do for working artists, I started thinking about the art of web design on a deeper level. Soon I found myself learning as much as I could about current web standards so that I could make highly polished sites that delivered maximum functionality in a professional package.


As a freelance writer and web designer, I love being able to work with NPOs and businesses to help them tell their stories or reach out on the web. And as I lend my skills to others, I realize that I am also bringing my own art into the world.

If you would like me to write for you or help you create a professional web presence, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All the best,
—Peter Chordas