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Hiroshima University School of Law – Speech
“Global Ground Zero: Hiroshima, Transformation, and the Praxis of Peace”

“The praxis of peace lies not in creating peace, but in creating the material conditions under which peace can thrive. I believe Hiroshima, perhaps more than any other place, has the power to bridge the gap between truth-speakers, justice-seekers, earth-defenders, and anti-warriors the world over by linking the struggle against nuclear weapons and war with the fight for justice and the environment.”

Peter Chordas speaking at the Japan America Society of Hiroshima

Japan America Society – Speech
“Hiroshima and Human Survival”

“In this world gripped by natural disasters and conflict, people come to Hiroshima from every nation seeking answers on how to rebuild and persevere. We have a responsibility to warn the world of the catastrophe ahead, and to shine our light on a better path. We owe it to the victims who came before, and to the future generations who will inherit what we create today.”