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“Peter is a top-notch web designer and content writer. I haven’t found a question yet that he can’t answer.” —Marian Pierce

Marian Pierce

Peter is a top-notch web designer and content writer. He is efficient, personable and professional. He provided a tutorial on using WordPress and gave me great feedback on organizing my site. I haven't found a question yet that he can't answer.

Marian Pierce Writer & Editor October 1, 2015

Client: Marian Pierce is a professional editor working in Portland, Oregon.

Project Description: Transfer the existing content from Marian’s old site into a fresh design, adding a Content Management System, blog, and mailing list.

The Inside Scoop

It always feels good to liberate fellow freelancers from the tyranny of old, persnickety websites. Without a modern Content Management System, it’s amazing how much time can evaporate just adding simple updates.

And this is why there’s still so many outdated sites moldering away on the internet!

So I commenced the rescue mission, transferring Marian’s old content to a shiny new VPS at DigitalOcean (afflink) running WordPress, and boasting enough speed optimizations to win a digital triathlon. I integrated Marian’s site with MailChimp (afflink) for her newsletter system, and hey-presto—good to go!

Of course as a writer, Marian’s content creation would remain in her hands—but I was at least able to provide the means by which she could add that new content with ease.

My Favorite Part

Prominent contact buttons on every page.

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