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Peter Chordas – Website, Web Copy, & Business Cards (Update)

The real trick with this site is that it has to house two largely disparate (yet frequently overlapping) portfolios—namely freelance writing and web design.

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Peter Chordas Freelance Writer + Web Designer September 2, 2015

Client: Myself, Peter Chordas—freelance writer and web designer by day, post-apocalyptic superhero by night.

Project Description: Update the old design to be more visually striking and better organized.

A Quote

“I work for hire as a freelance writer, and I build websites—including the one you’re looking at right now.”

The Inside Scoop

This page documents a major update to my previous site design.


The main difference in terms of the copywriting for my site overhaul is that there is now content (like this) for each project.

Conversely, I pulled most of the copy off the front page and tightened it up, turning it into a springboard from which visitors can launch into whatever category of work they’re interested in hiring me for.

I figure getting my site visitors into my portfolio as quickly as possible will let my work speak for itself.


The real challenge with this site, design-wise, is that it has to house two largely disparate (yet frequently overlapping) portfolios—freelance writing and web design projects.

Under the original design, I had everything housed in two gigantic lists of “stuff I did” (“Freelance Writing” and “Web Design”). I think this approach was fine for a start, but as I continued to build up more and more projects, these lists grew too cumbersome to be of much use to anyone.

I decided to add individual pages for each project I completed, showing images, quotes, anecdotes, and technical information pertaining to each. This has allowed me to have categorized “list” pages for my various project types, while also allowing me to include details about my work which wouldn’t otherwise have been apparent.

The goal of all this, of course, is to land more clients. So if you’re impressed, give me a shout out so I know it’s working.

Business Card Redux

My old business card was always intended as a placeholder—so it was high time to revamp the design. I took the pen/paper image from the front of my site, and added a testimonial in place of the slogan I had before.

The result is a cleaner, more focused design which emphasizes my writing as much as my design capabilities—I call it a win.

Peter Chordas Business Card (front)
Peter Chordas Business Card (back)
Peter Chordas Business Card (back)

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