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“With Peter in my corner, I have no technical worries.” —Pamela McMullen, The Mapping Studio LLC

Pamela McMullen of The Mapping Studio

Peter is the backend mechanic for my website. He keeps everything running and lets me know what I do not, and gently. I love that I can pay him to answer a few questions or to make a few tweaks. His à la carte way of working holds great value to me and to my business. He gets out ahead to lead my site to its best conclusion. With Peter in my corner, I have no technical worries.

Pamela McMullen The Mapping Studio LLC October 4, 2015

Client: Through the Mapping Studio LLC, Pamela McMullen puts the “art” back into “cartography,” combining color with the geometry of maps to create abstract paintings that tell the unique stories of her clients.

Project Description: Setup a WordPress install on a VPS server, providing consultation and some small design tweaks. Note: Pamela McMullen did all the design work for this site.

The Inside Scoop

Pamela McMullen heard about me through Zachary Feder, and decided she wanted me to build her site. However, her plan was to setup a placeholder site, and then hire me to move in and make something more robust and finalized later on down the road.

She’d been dabbling with free online web-building sites like Wix and whatnot, and wanted to know what platform would be easiest for me to work from when the time came.

But then she said something astounding—that she was anticipating spending “forty hours or so” setting up the placeholder site that she would eventually have me redo.

I believe my exact words were, “I’m going to be honest with you—forty hours is a ton of time. Especially for something you’re planning to throw away.”

So we came up with the idea that I would perform the site setup—a WordPress install with enhanced functionality, site security configurations, and speed optimizations on a VPS server—and she would pick the theme and do the design work herself. After all, she is an artist.

And you know what?

She did a great job.

After taking her site as far as she could on her own, she called me in again to add a few final touches, including:

  • Front page share buttons
  • Contact info/newsletter signup box on her About and Contact pages
  • Customized footer with copyright info
  • Adding Gill Sans Light as her site’s font
  • And adding the word “MENU” under the hamburger button in the upper right corner of her spartan theme

And now her site is ready to showcase her work—no intermediary time-burner site required.

My Favorite Part

Providing a platform upon which an artist could display her work.

See the results:
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