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“If you want to give your business the brilliant writing it deserves, then look no further.” —Myra Sicilia, MS, NCC, LPCi

Myra Sicilia of Sakura Counseling

Peter provided a solid plan for the content of my site, offering a wealth of information on how to successfully market myself.

In terms of Peter’s ability to add narrative to your work, he is a master at taking the story of your business to a higher level. He is well read, highly educated, and has a thirst for life that makes him a perfect match to express your unique vision.

What can you expect from working with Peter? Professionalism, warmth, and a genuine interest in seeing your vision come to life.

If you want to give your business the brilliant writing it deserves, then look no further.

Myra Sicilia Myra Sicilia, MS, NCC, LPCi June 2, 2015

Client: Sakura Counseling is the practice of Myra Sicilia, a licensed counselor in Portland, Oregon.

Project Description: Create web copy, including introduction, services pages, and rate descriptions, all the while maintaining a warm, serene, and welcoming style consistent with Myra’s character and mission. Also provide content strategy and site structure for maximizing SEO.

A Quote

“Every blossom has a right to bloom into the world just the way it is.”

The Inside Scoop

Before Myra asked me if I could write the web copy for her counseling site, it would be safe to say that my understanding of professional therapy had been derived entirely from Analyze This, with Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal.

And while I do genuinely hope that one day Myra will be fortunate enough to provide therapy for a mob boss with daddy issues (and all the Hollywood-promised hilarity pertaining thereto), in the meantime she needed copy that would accurately express her personality and ability as a counselor—all while maintaining a subtle professional distance from her readers.

In other words, it needed to feel comfortable yet not casual; inviting yet not eager; soothing yet not sappy. It was a fine line, and it was my lot to walk it.

After gobs of research and two interviews with Myra, one about her practice and her approach to it, and the other about her incredible life story, I was able to accurately channel her voice and professional warmth, at the same time outlining a content strategy which will ensure that her site rises in the ranks of relevant searches.

My Favorite Part

Writing sakura inspired haiku. Also, I can now quote Carl Jung.

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