The Rice Planting Dance of Mibu

“Kitahiroshima Tourism Information”

Client: Kitahiroshima Commerce and Tourism Division.

Project Description: Create English language text for select tourist attractions in Kitahiroshima. Namely, the Tarutoko and Geihoku Folklore Museum, Soba Village Toyohira, and “Donguri-an” Restaurant.

The Inside Scoop

Kitahiroshima, the countryside area north of Hiroshima City, asked me to provide English translation for three local attractions.

That whole area is stunningly gorgeous, and I was happy to help increase accessibility for inbound tourists.

And actually, most out-of-the-way places in Japan are working to draw in tourists, both foreign and domestic. The idea is to relieve pressure from the major tourist areas, bring business to small towns and villages, and help tourists find some of that “real Japan” they all claim to long for in exit surveys. Call it a triple win.

Except that those tiny hamlets have, almost universally, zero foreign language support to speak of. Or if they do, it’s more of the variety.

Kitahiroshima wisely chose to hire a native English writer. And I was happy to oblige.

My Favorite Part

Translating a poem about the joy of making soba noodles.