The Extraordinary Businesswoman

The Extraordinary Businesswoman – Website, Landing Page, and Content Strategy

In addition to building out the site, I also provided instruction in best blogging practices, SEO management, and promotional strategies.

Client: The Extraordinary Businesswoman provides coaching and content to help businesswomen deepen their personal and professional growth.

Project Description: Build a polished and professional blogging platform, email system, mailing list management, subscription incentive, landing page opt-in, logo, graphics, business cards, and more.

The Inside Scoop

I’ll be honest with you—this was a big project.

When Crystal and Alexandra asked me to build their site, they knew they wanted a blog as part of their content marketing platform, but had very little blogging experience. So in addition to building out the site, I also provided instruction in best blogging practices, SEO management, and promotional strategies.

For the site itself, they wanted something clean, elegant, and professional, mixed with a touch of femininity. I chose a split-complimentary color pallet of deep red and light blue, which works to deliver the femininity and professionalism which the site’s mission and content demands.

Add to that a solid VPS backbone bolstered by CloudFlare’s CDN, and the site not only looks good, but is ready to handle viral traffic straight out of the gate.

Writing & Editing

I wrote the copy for the landing page, and provided editing services and content strategy consulting for the email series and blog posts.

Graphic Design Work

Custom Banner

The concept for the custom banner came about from a brainstorming session between myself and the site’s founders. They wanted something that captured their approach to business consulting, but without being too generic. It needed to look professional, enlightened, and feminine.

I came up with a concept idea, made a rough mockup, and upon approval set out to create the composite image of the woman on the rooftop.

The Extraordinary Businesswoman Banner Image


For the logo, I combined red and burgundy with a swirly cursive font to offset the professional blue tones of the links.

The Extraordinary Businesswoman Logo


We wanted the blog to still feel warm and approachable, so I used a handwritten font for the site’s headers, adding to the site’s the femininity without losing its business-casual foundations.

You can see and example of this font in the red marker above the tagline on the landing page.

Tagline for the Extraordinary Businesswoman

Post Images

In addition, I produced the template for each blog post’s featured image, and created the images themselves. Here’s a few examples to give you an idea.

Landing Page

The landing page added another interesting dimension to the project. In addition to writing the text, I also designed the custom sign-up form, including the book image boxshot for the incentive.

The Extraordinary Businesswoman subscription incentive boxshot

All told, I had a lot of fun working on this project.

My Favorite Part

Making an image of a businesswoman meditating on an L.A. rooftop.

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